save water - save time

Have you outgrown your baby bath? Is the family bath too big? Then Duka is your answer.

Bath time is more than just a time to clean your child. It is a special time for you and your child to enjoy each other's company and play in a fun, safe environment. Water play is not only important for sensory development, but is a great activity for little ones. 

The Duka Bath Ball is an inflatable bath time aid that sits in the bath tub in order to minimise the amount of water required to bathe a child/adult. 

Instead of filling the bath with water, Duka is placed in the tub to occupy space which would otherwise be taken up with water. As the tub becomes "half size" the time required to fill the tub is also halved, an advantage in most busy households. When using Duka, you're able to reduce the amount of water your children use when taking a bath, allowing you to save both water and time.

Watch the video to see it in action!