Why do I need Duka?

Are you tired of waiting for the bath to fill or think wow what a waste of water for such a little child in such a big bath? Then Duka is for you. You no longer need to waste your time and water when bathing your child. Simply pop Duka in the bath and cut down on the amount of water you need to fill your bath tub.

Does the design suit my bath?

In order to accommodate different sized and shaped bathtubs, Duka is designed to mould to various forms with its soft flexible construction. It is inflated with air and held down with water allowing for easy installation and portability. It should fit most standard size baths. Duka is not meant to be a barricade so if your bath tub is larger it will still displace the water and be just as effective.

Is Duka safe for children?

Yes. All materials are tested to suit Australian standards for use with children. Safety instructions are clearly marked and it is recommended that they be followed.

How do I clean Duka?

Simply wipe Duka down with a cloth when you clean your bath. The water inside Duka does not need to be changed regularly; however, if there is a build-up of slime within the Duka water compartments, simply add a sterilising agent (tablet such as Milton or a drop of chlorine) into the top and bottom Duka compartments and then replace the cap.

Do I need to replace the water inside the end compartments?

No. Duka is designed to remain in the bath with the water compartments filled. If you wish to transport Duka then it is advised that the water compartments first be emptied.

How much air should be in the middle compartment?

Duka is designed to mould to the shape of your bath. In most cases, the middle compartment should be half filled with air but this may need to be adjusted to suit your bath. Simply remove the air valve and add/take away air as required.

How much water should be in the end compartments?

It is recommended to completely fill both end compartments with water. This will help hold Duka down.

In what order should I fill the compartments?

Fill the middle compartment half full with air (leaving the air valve closed but sticking out). Fill the bottom compartment completely with water before filling the top compartment with water. Make sure caps are sealed tight. Some air may need to be released from or added to the middle compartment in order for Duka to sit correctly in the bath tub. Finally push the air valve in.

There is some water behind Duka. Is this OK?

Depending on the size or shape of your bath tub there may be a small amount of water behind Duka. This is ok. Make sure this water is removed when emptying the bath. Simply move Duka to drain away the water. IMPORTANT: Do not leave water in the bath when unattended.

What are the suction cups for?

As the water in the bath rises so will Duka. The suction cups will hold Duka to the bath tub. To remove suction, gently release the suction cups from the bottom of the bath before removing Duka from the bath. Note: if the bottom of the bath is not smooth then the suction cups may not work as effectively. In this case do not fill the bath tub beyond the point where Duka may rise. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of water for bubs to play in.

What is the best way to save water with Duka?

By putting Duka in the bath you are reducing the amount of water required to fill the bath. We recommend you wash your child’s hair and body first. This bathing water may then be used for your child to play.

Where should I place Duka in the bath tub?

Duka is designed to sit anywhere within the bath tub and can be moved easily along the tub. Depending on where the bath plug is, Duka can be placed over the plug to stop little fingers from removing the plug. Duka can also act as a barrier to stop little hands from reaching the hot tap. We recommend a short hose to make it easier to add water to the bath tub and to wash your child's hair.

What direction should Duka be placed in the bath tub?

The handles should be on the side of the bath tub so that the warning can be read from outside the bath. The smooth side (without the air valve) should be facing the centre of the bath so that it is a smooth backrest for your child.

What age is Duka recommended for?

When you are comfortable using the bath with your child then Duka is for you. It is recommended for children who can sit unaided in the bath, making a soft backrest. There is no age limit for Duka.